Marketing Your Work

Take off your shoes and run!You have something to share with the world.  How do you reach your audience?  How do you pay the bills doing it?

I can empower your voice online with web design services specializing in WordPress, a friendly and simple blog and content management system.

Many artists and organizations excel in their craft, but not in their market.  Developing that market – and the business of your creative mission – is the difference between success and failure. And having a website that you can personally work with is key to reaching your special niche.

I help artists and organizations build their audiences, raise their profile and increase the value and profitability of their work.  And I do that economically.  As a multidisciplinary artist with a professional background in program development, fundraising, marketing and graphic/website design, I bring both broad perspective and practical insights to the business of reaching your audience. Specializing in customized WordPress blog and content management systems, I can transform your concept into reality in a short time, handing you a friendly, simple online platform that you can write, post multimedia and update yourself.

Whether you already have an established business or are just getting started, contact me for a free consultation.  My rates are reasonable because I believe in creative work and helping to fulfill your creative potential.

Find out how your work can be expanded with my technical and marketing expertise for artists, small businesses and nonprofit organizations.

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