Web Design, Marketing and Technical Assistance

How can you focus on the work you love and still pay the bills?

Today’s technology can make that easy – or completely overwhelm you.  That’s where I come in.  My job is to steer you to the simplest, most cost-effective technology solutions for your unique needs; anything else is just a waste everyone’s time and money.

Your website and online presence can be the heart of your business.  New open source tools in content management allow you to manage your own beautifully designed online presence with minimal investment and quick setup.  I use and customize WordPress and Joomla to establish sustainable online platforms to promote and sell your work.  With a decade of web design and social networking experience, I can help you integrate the technical demands of websites and social networking platforms with your strategic goals and sales requirements.  Here’s how this expertise can make or break your online presence:

  • Getting found:  how you name your site, use text and link to other sites can mean the difference between being found and being left in the cold.  I can provide crucial tips on “search engine optimization” that will move you up in search engine rankings and help you be found by those looking for your unique offer;
  • Maximizing brand-width:  figuring out how to interweave multiple media channels at very low cost is a money-saving skill that can exponentially raise the value of your work.   I have acquired lots of tips and connections to cost-saving resources that can help you with related needs like graphic design, photography, print media, artist text statements and more;
  • Building and maintaining your audience:  so you do a great event, but then what?  Keeping your audience engaged is the difference between a fly-by-night artist and one who rises to recognition and acclaim.  I can point you to a range of free and low-cost outreach tools to integrate with or compliment your website and social networking presence;
  • Finding project funds: you have a compelling project but aren’t sure how to kick-start it?  Obtaining grants or corporate funding can often launch you into the right audience orbit.  I’ve written successful grant applications for 15 years and can point you in the right direction, even provide research, editing or writing support.

Whether you already have an established business or are just getting started, contact me for a free consultation.  My rates for websites and other technical assistance are reasonable because I believe your creative work can help liberate the world.  I want to be part of that change – and help you reach more of that world.  See more about my website design and site portfolio.

And let’s get started!