About Me

Christopher Fitz at Annual Banquet for Brethren Housing AssociationMy work with conflict started as a kid on the farm. When my mother told me to go out and “run off my anger,”  I did, returning determined to be angry. I also realized I had a choice.  And in the next moment, chose to move on.  I believe with enough creativity, we all can do that.

Transforming negative conflict cycles has been a passion of mine since then.  As a scholar, trainer, artist and promoter, I have specialized in creative community change work.

My studies and work have often been in communities of ethnic tension – Northern Ireland, Former Yugoslavia, Iraq and most recently, my hometown.

I grew up in York County, Pennsylvania and have returned to the area after fifteen years in New England, Europe and Washington, DC.

In college, I started a conflict facilitation program from the lessons of the 1992 Rodney King verdict and its nation-wide responses. That work developed in numerous training opportunities for organizations, universities and religious communities. From this experience, I have gained both analysis and practical approaches to transform groups into productive, dynamic teams.

Most recently, my work has centered on creative, embodied tools that utilize theatre, movement and simple participatory exercises to build trust, enable honesty, welcome stories, cultivate listening and shift group dynamics. These tools draw from a number of improvisational disciplines including Playback Theatre, Theatre of the Oppressed, Contact Improvisation and more.  They range from structured dialogue and role playing to participatory theatre performances by trained improvisational actors.  It’s enjoyable work and most importantly,  it makes a difference.

Are you involved in a group or community in tough transition? In tension? In conflict? In crisis? I welcome the opportunity to bring my skills and experience to you. Together we can create change that brings out our very best. Stay tuned for more on…

  • My professional experience.
  • My education and training.
  • My research and writing.
  • My creative zone.

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