Facilitating Groups

Is your organization thriving?  Your community vibrant?  Your group growing?

If not, you’re not alone. In the United States and around the world, we’re facing a poverty of both community experience and community skills. From the eldest generations born before television to the youngest born into text messages, our communication culture is changing fast and with it, our abilities to reach out and listen to each other.

This modern poverty affects our workplace. It impacts us at home. And it challenges the way we come together in groups and communities for work, learning, play and worship.

I build bridges.  With social tools, I get people to talk to each other in new and real ways.  You may come estranged or as strangers but will leave with reconnection, insight and trust.  Being part of a creative process to engage and learn from others is among the most gratifying experiences we can have.  I am offering to facilitate that experience for you, your organization, your group, your community.

Here’s how…