Just Launched: IlanaSpace for DC-area Artists

It’s official.  Ilana Silverstein and I have collaborated to publish IlanaSpace.com this week, a website supporting DC-area dance and mixed media artists.  It’s a WordPress-powered site that I customized extensively from the Clean News 1.1 template.  Ilana will now be able to manage the site herself including blogging,event publicity and registration functionality.  I’m now off to lend my touch to other web spaces.

Thumbnail view of IlanaSpace.com - a site supporting DC-area artists powered by WordPress, customized by Chris Fitz

If you dance or do improv anywhere near Washington, DC, you probably know or know of Ilana.  She’s an excellent organizer who integrates great publicity habits with a warm touch and blooming creativity.  Subscribe to her newsletter to keep up with the many events she puts together.  Or just drop by and check out some of the video and other cool stuff she’s begun collecting and sharing.  Check out: IlanaSpace.com.