Post Fast and Feeling Great

It’s been more than a week since i finished my six-day fast, and i’m still feeling great.  Some of the familiar cravings have returned, particular the sugar one, but overall, it’s been fine.

I followed roughly a fasting regime by Paavo Airola, who recommends juice fasting combined with several other cleanse-related practices.  Somehow, i even lost 18 lbs (8 kg), which soon before i stopped (don’t worry anymore mom!).

Overall, i definitely recommend short three-day fasts with knowledgeable resources and support for emotional clarity and physical de-toxing.

2 Replies to “Post Fast and Feeling Great”

  1. Chris, I didn’t know you fasted. I do that, too – and also started with Paavo Airola. It is amazingly health producing, although people aren’t always prepared for the detox symptoms. Even with Airola’s methods, fasting sometimes encourages the body to detox – which is absolutely needed in today’s toxic world. And it makes you tired for a while, or other symptoms. I did a two-day fast last month and my body is still doing some detoxing. Still, Summer is the time to do it.

  2. Thanks Rachel! I find that i get more energy fasting after the second day. I think it’s partly the detox (plus caffeine withdrawal) and partly the lack of things like highly concentrated sugars and caffeine to drive my blood sugar levels batty. This past year’s fast, i lost more than ten pounds in six days too, and i haven’t gained it back. I owe that to the increased sensitivity i’m gaining to my appetite (and eating less just because it’s mealtime). So i’m becoming an ever stronger believer in fasting for many things.

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